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26|| Counting Down

28 more days till we go home.
17 more days until the O.W.L.s.
How much longer until I lose my sanity.

O.W.L.s are a little more than two weeks away. I think I am ready for them. I mean I've been studying every chance I get. Possibly more than is needed. However, it should all be worth it once I receive my marks. For now, I might take a break, maybe a rest or something. It feels as though someone turned the heat on in this castle. I don't even think Hogwarts has that.

25|| rarity

I know I have a been a bit scarce recently. Possibly since I've returned home from the end of last term, though with the O.W.L.s and what not it has been for good reason. However, it seems even when I decide to take a break from the grueling nights, even days of studying everyone in the castle seems to be scarce. I don't think I have seen a first year running about in a while. Now I don't believe the Giant Squid has eaten them all just like we enjoy teasing them all at the start of the year. Though I do have to wonder what could possibly be up. I mean, Potter is even studying so that has to say something.

Maybe I'll take the day off, considering there are no more Hogsmeade trips.


There is a reason for separate common rooms. Not only for the comradery and homeliness, but so those of other houses can't enter. Otherwise I don't see a reason for having passwords to enter. Bloody Slytherins. I'm not even sure how it could have possibly been done, ideas may be floating of who and how. Still think they could have been a bit more original.

Other news, I am going to receive a T on my herbology O.W.L., at this rate I might have a high mark if I don't show up than if I even attempt it.


It is April already. I feel as though I am behind in my studying for the O.W.L.s. I have seven subjects to study for. I hope I am not leaving one out. I can't even count how many weeks until the day of the exam however, if I figure two weeks for each subject. I should be ready. Although, studying a years worth of work in two weeks on top of my daily assignments and prefect duties. I could always turn in a few hours later. There is the possibility of catching up on rest when I return home for the summer holiday.

I just don't know how this happened, how I let myself get so behind. I probably should have started with my studying with I returned to the castle at the start of the new term. Maybe if I lock myself in my dorm during meals I can get more work done.

022|| wonderment

The male gender baffles me. Let's take a bloke who is in a relationship. He is a genuninely sweet guy, though he makes a very rude remark. Would that make him a nasty improper person? Or someone with a dirty sense of humor? Then another boy, with a set of beliefs no matter how hard you try to change then there is no way. A bit like a boulder in the middle of a dirt road. Nothing you can do about it no matter how much you want to. Then there is the last, the one you could always rely on but never quite know what is going on.

People say girls are baffling. I don't think I'll ever understand boys. They change their mind more often than a light switch is changed during a day.

021|| Roundup

It's been almost two weeks since Valentine's day and I believe I haven't said anything about it. Not that anyone probably cares. As most of everyone knows, I went with Severus. James if you say anything I will hex you. It went well to say the least, though I do hope you apologized to Emma, Severus. I don't think I saw her by the end of the night but you did promise that you would.

Classes have been moving along. The end of the years seems as though it will never come, not that I wish it to. I just cannot wait until I am home again with my mum and father. I know I only saw them a month, maybe two ago. It just seems so long. 4 more months I belive till I'm home again. It isn't too bad.

020|| And the coupling begins.

So Valentine's Day is just two days away. It is quite obvious around the castle seeing as everyone has been trying to find a date and what not. Though I'm sure this will turn out much better than the Halloween Dance. Considering I'm not going with James. Even though I've already chosen an outfit, I am still wondering how to wear my hair. Maybe I'll ask Alice, I'm sure she could help with ideas.

As for now, I still have to finish my Potions work. I still can't believe I left it for the day before Slughorn wanted it. Now I'm really not looking forward to doing rounds tonight.



Don't mind me.

018|| Anticipation

Sirius Black, do you still have my History of Magic notes? I went to go over them and they weren't anywhere to be found. I didn't intend on letting you keep them for the remainder of the year.


I probably sound like a first year, but birthdays still get bit excited. I only wish I was home for my birthday. Considering my Christmas holiday was ruined by the one Mr. Potter. I miss waking up to the smell of mum making special birthday breakfast. I wonder if the elves would make it, although I highly doubt it. Birthdays are the only time where one is excused for acting like a five year old. Or at least I think so.


Owl to SeverusCollapse )

It's nice to be back at the castle. I mean, it was nice being home again seeing my mum and dad and Petunia despite her behavior. Yet, I've grown accustomed to being around everyone that home seems so quiet that it just seem strange not to hear someone go running up the stairs every five minutes.